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          Location: Ma'an, Jordan.

          Contractor/EPC: FB Group

          System Capacity: 3 MW

          Product: JKM315PP-72

          Number of panels: 9,524 pieces

          Commissioned: Jan 2017

          Type of Inverters: Kaco

          Contract Type:: B.O.T 10 years

          Energy saved: 3000 kwh/year


          Location:  Madaba, Jordan.

          Contractor/EPC: FB Group

          System Capacity: 2.11 MW

          Product:  JKM315PP-72

          Number of panels: 6,699 pieces

          Commissioned: Sep 2017

          Type of Inverters: ABB

          Contract Type::  EPC, 5 years O&M

          Energy saved:  2110 kwh/year

          Solar deployment is successfully expanding in Jordan universities, due to high cost of energy; Clean Energy has become an affordable solution to provide electricity for their campuses. Jordan has over thirty universities; a large number of them are now investing in PV. Al-Hussein Bin Talal University and the German Jordanian University, located respectively in Ma’an and Madaba, are among others to embrace clean energy generation with net zero electricity consumption.

          澳门凯旋门网址游戏 has recently delivered High-efficiency panels JKM315PP-72 to FB Group who has won several projects to design and build solar plants for major universities across the country.

          AHU was the first project in MENA region to utilize the Design, Build, Operate and Transfer (DBOT) model. 10 years after its installation, the modules will have its ownership transferred to the university. GJU feature innovative designs to seamlessly integrate solar energy into the facilities environment under a 5 years O&M EPC contract.

          Both solar plants provide 100% of the two Universities’ electricity, significantly lowering carbon footprint and securing long-term energy independence.

          “A university with a solar energy system is a better place to work and learn. These solar systems have transformed the area, not only by contributing to environmental sustainability in our region, but the cost savings will also contribute to the financial stability of our Universities in the years ahead’’ noted Dr. Firas Balasmeh, President and CEO of FB Group.

          “澳门凯旋门网址游戏 is one of our reliable and trusted partners in this industry, for the past years FB group has been engaged to making multiple universities energy supply-independent, such as Hashemite University, Al Hussein Bin Talal University and German Jordanian University ’’Dr. Balasmeh further explained

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