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                  PROJECT OVERVIEW

                  Location: Windsor NSW

                  Owner: Dr Ted Humphries

                  System Capacity: 30 KW

                  Product: JKM260PP-60

                  Number of panels: 114 pieces

                  Commissioned: December 2015

                  McGraths Hill Vet 30KW Commercial Rooftop

                  Mcgraths Hill Veterinary Centre is a mixed practice with a team of vets combining knowledge in medicine, intensive care, reproduction, dermatology, dentistry, imaging, soft tissue, orthopedic and emergency surgery.

                  The Vet Centre operates 7 days a week offering a range of services including general pet care, emergency, dentistry, on-site surgery, digital ultrasound, puppy school and pet boarding.

                  A recent move to larger premises, along with the long hours of operations and a range of services resulted in a costly electricity bill. The practice was approached as a suitable client to discuss options to reduce electricity costs. The large roof space with minimal shading made it ideal for the installation of solar PV.

                  The client chose Skyline as they were another local business, and had the experience and expertise to install the right system to meet the site requirements. Skyline closely assessed the client’s needs determining that 260W Jinko Eagle panels with Enphase Micro Inverters was the right solution to optimize the long term performance and safety of the system.

                  Skyline Solar analysed the client’s total power consumption in detail, and determined that 75% of its needs could be met by installing a 30kW, with minimal unused power being sent back to the grid.

                  The client’s high winter consumption lead Skyline to utilize the steeper roof pitch to provide greater solar performance. The 澳门凯旋门网址游戏 Eagle panels also perform exceptionally well in low light conditions, boosting electricity production further. 

                  The system is reducing greenhouse gas emissions of Mcgraths Hill Veterinary Centre by 40 tonnes per annum.

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