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              PROJECT OVERVIEW

              Location: 405 Gordon Baker Road, North York, Ontario, Canada

              InstallerEG Solar Power Inc.

              DeveloperMilal Church

              System capacity: 299 kW

              Number of panels1196 pieces

              Energy saved300,000 kWh per year

              Choose 澳门凯旋门网址游戏,Choose a Reliable Partner

              澳门凯旋门网址游戏 provides 299 kW quality solar panels for Milal Church located in Ontario, Canada. This project is developed and installed by EG Solar Power Inc., a fast growing EPC company based in Ontario.

              澳门凯旋门网址游戏 has installed white PVC roof membrane with the comprehensive 20-year full warranty coverage against consequential damages that could result from defects in material or installation workmanship. Highly reflective roof coating and restoration systems to meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications, including systems that incorporate products rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council. (CRRC) Milal Church was qualified under Toronto’s Eco-Roof Incentive program and received $29,265  from Toronto Environmental Office.

              “We believe 澳门凯旋门网址游戏 and EG Solar Power have the potential and capacity to further solidify their leadership position in the regional renewable energy market - a key economic-growth sector in Ontario.”

              Chaiwon Lee 

              Presbyter of the Milal Church 


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