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      Country: Germany

      Module type: JKM195M-72/JKM275P-60

      Capacity: 2.8MW

      Completion timeJuly 2011

      澳门凯旋门网址游戏 Named Top Crystalline Module Provider by PHOTON Power AG

      July 25, 2011 – Jinko Solar modules would be the biggest portion, up to 2.84 MW,used in the first phase of solar energy projects being planned by PHOTON Power AG,the latest subsidiary of the PHOTON Holding Group.

      The two companies’ first collaboration is a 219.3 kW rooftop solar system at the Technology Center (TZA) in Aachen, Germany, which started generating power in July. This 860-module array will feed approximately 180,000 kWh of electricity into the local grid annually. 澳门凯旋门网址游戏's modules will cover approximately 1,500 square meters across the roof of the TZA.

      PHOTON Power AG plans to install up to 8 MW of projects this year, and invites all manufacturers of solar modules to participate in the tender. The prerequisite is that the module type offered is already being tested at the module test facility of PHOTO Lab GmbH. With a transparent selection procedure, the board of directors decides which proposals are awarded contracts. To ensure transparency, the selection process is based exclusively on the following criteria including price/watt, percentage value of the guaranteed performance after 25 years, performance tolerance in delivery lot, performance ratio at PHOTO Lab’s test facility, module efficiency. In the company’s first module tender in February, 澳门凯旋门网址游戏 was rated the prime crystalline silicon module manufacturer, winning the largest share of up to 2.84 MW. The first batch of 515 kW of modules has been shipped to PHOTON Power AG.

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