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        Location: Mertert, Luxembourg region.

        Installer: Avantag Energy s.à r.l.

        Install in: Warehouse rooftop

        Site Topography: Close to harbour of Merter

        System Capacity: 484 kWp

        Product: JKM235P-60

        Number of panels: 2,065 pieces

        Energy saved: 2,605,200 kWh per year

        Choose 澳门凯旋门网址游戏, Choose a Reliable Partner

        Completed by Avantag Energy s.à r.l. in conjunction with Jinko Solar, a 485kWp solar PV system grid-connectedin December 2011, and became one of the larg-est rooftop PV installation in Luxembourg. This project was installed in the industrial area close to harbour of Merter in Luxembourg. 2,065 pieces solar modules delivered by 澳门凯旋门网址游戏 were installed in two separate buildings side by side, which used mainly as a warehouse for steel products.

        Due to its special coastal zone topography, a more detailed vulnerability assessment was carried out before project designing. The construction site is close to harbour,inducing the adverse effect of salt mist corrosive atmosphere as well as much higher humidity and wind load than conventional site. Therefore, it called for special corrosion resistance requirement for main component selection and treatment.

        This project facility included a series 澳门凯旋门网址游戏 quality 235watt polycrystalline panels , 27 SMA TP-17000TL inverters and 2 SMA TP-12000TL. For the monitoring, the system being used was a console from Solar Log, and the mounting structure was a special infrastructure from Metatech Company.

        According to the Luxembourg regulations based on the feed in tariff status, the specific project belongs to the bigger installations (from 31KWp up to 1000KWp). In this point it is worthy to mention that the specific installation is classified among the biggest (on the roof) in the Luxembourg region.


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