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          Home > Products > Solar Module > Eagle > Eagle 48

          Eagle 48

          The World-First PID Free Module Certified Under The Condition of 85℃/85% RH


          Technical Datas

          Type PID Free Polycrystalline 48-cell Module
          Output Up to 225Wp
          Efficiency Up to 17.14%
          Junction Box IP67
          Weight 14.8 kg
          Temp. Coefficients of Pmax -0.40%/℃


          Polycrystalline 48-cell module achieves a power output up to 225Wp

          Limited power degradation of Eagle module caused by PID effect is guaranteed under strict testing condition (85℃/85%RH,96hours)for mass production

          Certified to withstand: wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal)

          Advanced glass and surface texturing allow for excellent performance in low-light environments

          High salt mist and ammonia resistance certified by TUV NORD

          Improved temperature coefficient decreases power loss during high temperatures

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